Giles Clark
Giles Clark

Not everyone's attitude to bike maintenance is the same as Michelle Pfieffer's

I relax by taking my bicycle apart and putting it back together again. Michelle Pfieffer

For some cyclists Michelle Pfieffer's thoughts on bike maintenance resonate strongly. They couldn't be happier than stripping down and rebuilding their bike. They have the tools, the spare parts and the time. But for the vast majority, I suspect, it's time consuming, complicated and a pain. Let's be honest here, trying to work on a bike with an Ikea hex wrench, a screwdriver from a Christmas cracker, and an old set of pliers just isn't hugely relaxing.

Hopefully that is where I can help. I'm fortunate in being an independent craftsman and business. I don't have targets to hit, I can spend time on a bike, and I do have the right tools. I'm based in the pretty Kent village of Benenden, and work on bikes within about a 15 mile radius. I'm Cytech trained and fully insured.

As with so many things in life the sooner an issue is tackled, the easier it is to sort out. Bikes are no different. If you have an issue with your bike, call me. I'm happy to chat. Talk through the problem. It may be something you can sort out yourself. The end target is to get you back on the road with a bike that runs beautifully.

My Services

It would be quite nice to put up a complete list of what I offer together with a price list. Having tried that, however, it rarely works, as every bike is different and every owner wants something slightly individual.

What I have found, is that it really helps to talk. It saves time and effort on everyone's part and its free! If you have a query about your bike, how it is running, does it need fixing, what parts you need to upgrade it - give me a call I'm happy to chat and hopefully we can sort out a solution that is perfect for you.


No matter how well you care for your bike, sometimes things go wrong. It may be just wear and tear or it could be that something has simply broken. Give me a call or bring the bike in and I can look at it and give you some options.


It is self-evident that a well-maintained bike is safer and will last longer. Whether you are looking for a basic service, a full strip, clean and rebuild or somewhere in between I can help keep your bike safe and, on the road year-round.

Event Support

I am fortunate to be flexible enough to be able to support external events, such as The London Revolution or The Race Across America. If you have plans for an event which needs mechanic support please get in contact.

Parts Installation

There is always a reason to upgrade your bike with new parts. No excuses needed. Some are easy to fit … others less so, perhaps requiring specialist tools or knowledge. I'm happy to help in advising on and fitting new parts.

Build from box

Buying a new bike from the internet has never been easier, but when arrives it needs checking and assembling. I can assemble the bike to British Standards, complete a Pre-Delivery Inspection and ensure your new bike is safe.

Drivetrain Clean

No, you probably don't need more lube on your chain, but it could do with a good clean, as could the cassette and jockey wheels. Treat your drivetrain to a complete strip down, clean and new cables. It is amazing the difference it will make.

My Workshop

  • Benenden
  • Kent
  • Phone 01580 240202
  • Mobile 07968 181921
  • Email giles@thebikeworkshop.com